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Explore your Truck Rack options with the L2S Sports Rack Bracket® (Patent Pending)

I just installed the L2S brackets on my 05 Toyota Tacoma. The truck racks are just what I have been looking for! They fit perfectly and were a breeze to install. Real heavy duty...should last a long, long time. Great product!
Thanks again!
Paul, Canton, MA

Great product, It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for transporting my bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and cargo!
Gerry, Redondo Beach, CA

I have been searching the web for a system to haul my bikes and kayaks on top of my Tundra truck bed. Everything Yakima and Thule make go up too high. Plus I'd have to sell my bike to afford the rack, in which case I wouldn't need the rack anymore. I went to the Outback Steakhouse, I pulled in, and there sits a Toyota Tundra (very similar to mine) with a truck bed rack system for bikes and kayaks. I got as close as I could without looking like I was about to steal the thing. I couldn't figure out what it was, so I left my business card on his windshield pleading with him to call me. An hour later, he did and now I'm emailing you. How do I purchase your product??
Mark, Spartanburg, SC

Hey, man I heard a lot about these…just wanted to say awesome product!
Marc, Middletown, RI

Hey, went out Mountain Biking today, your brackets held up beautifully. Compared to the Thule 422xt it is quieter, lower (better protection from drag) and easier to load my bike. The install was super easy and I will be recommending this setup to others.
Travis, Las Vegas, NV

The Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Truck Racks

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If you answered YES to any of these statements, you either need this product or you already have this product! Some of these statements may sound funny but these are just some of the reasons why the L2S Sport Rack Brackets® were created. For more information about Love 2 Surf go to about us.

Love 2 Surf products are made by sports enthusiasts for sports enthusiasts. We didn't just think about making great products to sell...that was the outcome. At Love 2 Surf our goal is to provide the best products at the best prices. We test and use our equipment ourselves. Customer service and satisfaction are #1. We look forward to serving you and providing you with quality parts and accessories that helps you do what you love 2 do weather it's surfing, skiing, kayaking, biking, or just transporting cargo.